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    John Patton is an amateur photographer, based in Tillicoultry , Clackmannanshire. A keen photographer from a young age taking photographs and creating audio visual sequence.

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    John Patton as well as having an interest in photography he also has interest out with photography.In his blog he will comment on current affairs as well as going into greater detail on his latests photographical projects.

Photographer Tillicoultry John Patton

John Patton is an amateur photographer, based in Clackmannanshire. His photographic interests are fairly eclectic and include the production of audio-visual sequences. He is especially attracted to portraits where the character of the subject reflects some genuine life experience. His AVs, in general, tackle some social area in which he has an interest. His equipment is currently all Canons and he will often use a small compact where appropriate, for example in street scenes and when working with children.

John is a member of Stirling and District Camera Club (SDCC) and belongs to its Audio-Visual Group.

"A keen eye for capturing a person’s character in a portrait"
- Simon Kindlen


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John Patton, a keen amateur photographer based in Tillicoultry. Passion for photography started in the sixties.

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A selection of diverse writings by John Patton from current affairs to photography. You will find many subjects in his blog.

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