Maurice Dobson, Photographer

Maurice Dobson was a towering figure, literally and metaphorically, in the annals of Stirling and District Camera Club. At various points, during his thirty something years of membership, he held each of the major offices and was noted for his commitment and efficiency in each of them.  Maurice and Ellen were both fine photographers and regular prize-winners with particular specialism in flowers and gardens.

Maurice was the founder and guiding father-figure of the Stirling Audio-Visual Group; under his guidance, from the earliest analogue slide/tape productions through to the current digital programs, he established the AV Group as a respected leader in its field throughout Scotland and beyond. In the process, he raised hundreds of pounds for the Camera Club, making an average of eight presentations annually to a range of community organisations. The quality of the work on display added lustre to the standing of the Club and attracted new members.

This gentle, big man exhibited few of the objectionable clichés about the people of his native county. He was warm and generous with his time to fellow members and in his work for the Club. He was a patient and gifted instructor to members of the AV Group; I knew nothing about constructing an AV until I had some lessons from Maurice.  A trifle dictatorial, perhaps,  in his management of the Group, it was always accepted because he was patient in many other ways and constantly sought to raise individual standards and  overall quality.

He introduced me to the Northern Av Group which meets at Snods Edge near Consett. There he had many friends and admirers of his work in the medium. He was clearly at ease and enjoying himself in their company. Many sought and valued  his advice on developments in audio visual.

I visited Maurice at home and in hospital during this final illness and always came away with total admiration for his quiet, dignified courage and Yorkshire stoicism.  

He will be deeply missed by his wife, fellow photographer and AV collaborator, Ellen, their extended family and by the many friends that he had long acquired in the photographic community.

Maurice was 88 last month.

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