Fáilte romhat, Senan James


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Four months ago, I welcomed our third grandchild, Lilly Ann, into our world and paid tribute to mothers everywhere.


Yesterday saw the welcome arrival of Senan James, Jen and Neill’s second child, a wee brother for the always delightful, Leo.

What I said then, I revisit on this occasion.

However,  Lilly Ann arrived at the beginning of a splendid summer while little Senan James has arrived with Shakespearian  storm clouds gathering, albeit only the south of England seems currently  threatened.  ( Yes, I heard you but Dennis and Co have asked that the Independence Campaign should be conducted with due civility)

It’s been a gloomy week for workers and, while I share the Grangemouth employees’ happiness that  the plant will remain in existence for some more years, we must not kid ourselves that it has not been paid for at a  very high price and not by the arch capitalist, Ratcliffe  et al. Little Senan and all our young folk may seek employment in an industrial relations’ environment that is:

    “All changed, changed utterly:
A terrible beauty is born.”

Anyway enough of the pessimism, Jen and Neill and, thankfully many other thoughtful, young people recognise the implications of this week and its portent for future generations of workers. The torch has been passed to them and I am  confident  that there is a broad constituency of their  bright and passionate generation which will lead the campaign in Scotland to ensure a better future for their children .

That’s my fervent  hope for Senan and all babies in Scotland.

Let’s celebrate their parents.

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